JamJar are an online virtual car rental supermarket operating in long term car hire, a unique business model with huge market potential.


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The Market Place

Within the UK rental marketplace, you have the usual short-term rental companies such as Avis and Sixt, they typically rent a vehicle for 1 to 89 days, beyond this they require relevant FCA permissions to rent for longer, JamJar have the relevant permissions from the FCA to rent for longer than 89 days.

JamJar operate within the virtually untapped market place of 12-month car rentals, giving customers the option of renting for 12 months at much lower rates than they would be charged by the traditional short-term rental companies.

Companies do advertise stating they offer long term rentals but generally they will be looking to put a customer into a long-term lease from 24-36 months, with these deals the customer will usually have to pay a large down payment and then be committed to a long-term financial contract. JamJar offer customers a unique and flexible way to access a vehicle.

Who Are Our Customers?

Many customers we deal with may have past issues such as CCJ’s, defaults or arrears. On specific stock which we hold in-house we do not Credit Score and assess the customers’ ability to afford the rental over the next 12 months, this gives a great alternative to trying to finance a vehicle at high interest rates and APR’s. Also, why would they want to buy when they can RENT, customers have no concerns about being locked into a long-term finance contract for the next 3-5 years, in a depreciating asset, with road tax and maintenance to pay.

With JamJar they have no such worries, they are not locked into a long term contract, we even allow them the right to give us 30 days’ notice within the 12 month contract and return the vehicle, JamJar pay the road tax, JamJar also include the maintenance on the vehicle, all they need to do is get fully comprehensive insurance and put fuel in the vehicle, we aim to give the customer trouble free motoring.

The customers circumstances may also change which means they need a different type of vehicle, if they were in a finance agreement they would need to settle the finance and then start the whole process again, with JamJar we simply exchange/upgrade the vehicle, it’s as simple as that.

Working with JamJar

JamJar provide you with a website to aid lead generation, you will have access to vehicles currently in stock and those which are due in soon. We also have relationships with a direct supplier of high-end supercars and prestige vehicles so that we can cater for all customer’s needs.

You will have access to our own in-house bespoke Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software which will enable you to manage all enquires from initial enquiry to sale.
We will give you full training to help you understand the market place, how to deal with customer enquiries, how to market the services of JamJar and how to package up the cases for approval.

Vehicles that JamJar Supply

JamJar have direct access to our own stock and also a direct partnership with a Supercar/prestige vehicle supplier. We have two areas of the market which we concentrate on:

  • Vehicles a customer “Needs” not “Desires”, these vehicles are ones which the customer needs to either get from A to B to effect their living or use socially, vehicles such as Ford Fiesta’s, Vauxhall Astra’s, every day vehicles, these vehicles are owned and run by JamJar and as such JamJar make the decisions on approving customers in-house.
  • Vehicles a customer “Desires”, we cater for customers who like the finer things in life and want to take advantage of renting a high-end supercar or prestige vehicles such as Bentley’s, Porsches or Mercedes, all without the worry of depreciation and/or financing such a car.

Key Advantages of JamJar’s Products


  • High approval rate with no credit scoring on majority of applications.
  • Comprehensive mechanical check/pre-delivery inspection.
  • 12-month MOT.
  • 12 months road fund licence included.
  • No depreciation which might save them literally thousands.
  • Not locked into a 3 to 5-year finance contract, can change the vehicle every year.
  • Change of circumstances? Hirer can cancel giving 30 days’ notice.
  • Hirer is responsible for just tyres, brake materials and fluids so no expensive bills.

What is the cost to you and what do you need to get started with JamJar

The fee’s range from £2995 to £7495, currently we are offering to pay the VAT as a promotional offer.

The fee includes a one day training course (our systems and operations are very easy to use, one day initial course should be sufficient, but further training is available), lead generation website, Marketing suite, Initial comprehensive compliance training course (online), training manual, business email address, license for our own bespoke software and the right to operate as a JamJar team member.

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