As a ManyHands On-Demand Delivery franchisee, you'll be in charge of delivery drivers within a large, exclusive territory in the UK.

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ManyHands On-Demand Delivery

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, ManyHands On-Demand Delivery delivers it! ManyHands Delivery is the lowest cost on-demand delivery service in the UK, operating 24 hours a day.

Whether it’s a hot meal for someone too busy to cook, alcohol for a party, or regular weekly groceries delivered for busy people, ManyHands makes all deliveries to its clients — and does it with a smile!

Franchisees are wanted to manage fleets of drivers within particular territories throughout the UK.

Many Hands delivery services

How it works

ManyHands Delivery logoDelivering for ManyHands is a bit like being a taxi driver, though you take goods from point A to point B, not people. Whether groceries, drinks, meals, or gifts, you deliver the consignment safe and sound after receiving an email and phone confirmation.

Currently delivering local hot food, grocery shopping, and low-cost alcohol, ManyHands are in the process of expanding into handyman, cleaning, and any task deliveries in 2017.

As a franchisee, you’ll support all the drivers within your exclusive territory. Territories are quite huge; regions have populations of approximately half a million and, for the most part, encompass an entire postcode.

The number of drivers used will vary depending on your region, but it’s typical to engage at least 10 drivers and, after four months, each driver will be making approximately 10 deliveries daily with an average order value of £22.25.

Man delivering groceries

Incomes for franchisees are generated by supplier discounts (10%-15%) and mark-ups (130%-150%). Delivery charges cover costs and delivery supplements, for extra mileage and out of hours deliveries are paid to the drivers.

Leslie Radon, UK Oversight, says; “We operate on a profit share system. When a franchisee begins operating in a region, they are allocated a given number of Profit Shares, which varies given the extent and population of the postcode territory. The franchisee’s income and Profit Shares will also depend on the number of active drivers, daily deliveries, average amount of deliveries, and the percentage of profits kept by the franchisee.”

Using our standard promotional launch system, we have observed the following averages:

  • Income at two months: £1,546.86 plus driver income and Profit Share income
  • Income at four months: £3,549.60 plus driver income and Profit Share income

Who we’re looking for

If you are organised, personable, a licensed driver and committed to customer service, you could be the next ManyHands On-Demand Delivery franchisee! With our guidance, we firmly believe anybody can do this and do it well.

To start on the path towards your future career, complete an enquiry form today and request more FREE information!

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