Update1 is an established and successful European market leader in health and weight loss products. Open your own Update1 shop and bistro, selling our range of 600 products to customers looking to lose weight or improve their diet.

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Run your own Update1 health food store
Promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling obesity

Update1 was founded in 2004 and is a popular high street retail franchise with almost 200 stores across Europe. We sell a range of low carb, low GI, additive free and nutritious foods, with a wide range of 600 products to suit all customer tastes. Our products have been proven in clinical trials to aid effective weight loss, making them a valuable draw in the booming weight loss sector in the UK.

Andre Agassi is Update1’s brand ambassador, helping to build on our reputation and popularity. He shares in Update1’s views on creating a healthy lifestyle by eating low-carb foods with no added sugar.

As we increase the strength of our brand, we are looking for new franchisees in the UK to open Update1 stores, offering our premium quality products to an even wider customer base.

Update 1 2.PNGWhy Choose Update1?

There has never been a better time to run your own health food franchise with Update1 as we are expanding the established European operation into the UK.

Our brand has proven itself both profitable and popular. As a nation, the UK has up to 29 million people attempting to lose weight, and problems with obesity continue to grow. As such, the weight loss market is one of the most lucrative retail sectors to enter into. Its global value is predicted to reach £220 billion by 2017.

Fed up with dieting, many UK consumers will respond positively to a brand which provides tasty, healthful products that they can incorporate into their diets without depriving themselves. Update1’s in-store information and advice can help drive sales significantly among those eager to learn more about changing the way they eat and learning how they can lose weight.

Update1 offers franchisees three lucrative lines of business – the bistro where customers can go for coffee and a healthy bite to eat, the bakery where they can buy fresh baked goods to take home, and the health food store where they can buy groceries to fill their cupboards with and build a healthy diet on.

Products.pngUpdate1 Products

An Update1 franchise will stock our extensive range of 600 products, including bread, alcohol, chocolate, jam, pasta, flour, biscuits, juice, sauces, spices and seasonings, milkshakes, gifts, books and much more.

We strive to reduce the sugar and carbohydrate content of our products, and routinely have our recipes independently tested in laboratories to confirm this. We do not add artificial colours or flavours to our foods. We do not use ANY sugar AT ALL on our products, hence the low carb and low GI index. Instead they are sweetened with a natural and healthy sweetener, making all our products safe for diabetics.


Store.pngFranchising with Update1

Update1 stores have an immediate impact on the high streets they open on, due to our bright, distinctive branding and our natural and health conscious image. Update1’s target customers will quickly and easily recognised that we provide the products that they are looking for.

Aside from high streets, shopping centres are also ideal locations for our stores. Update1 assists each franchisee in finding a suitable location for their shop premises, and also provides a detailed floor plan for their shop design. We provide two weeks of extensive training to each franchisee and their store manager.

Our operations manual is a vital tool to help each franchisee to learn all of the necessary information to set up and run an Update1 business, but our management team is also available to offer guidance by phone or email. We also regularly send out newsletters and emails”

special-offers.jpgOur Franchise Package

Update1’s comprehensive franchise package offers each new franchisee:

  • Our proven business formulas and operating systems
  • A full store design
  • Assistance with equipment ordering
  • Training programme
  • Operations manual
  • Update1’s UK Director and management onsite for opening
  • Ongoing support


Benefits of Choosing Update1

  • We are an established European industry leader
  • Our products appeal to all ages
  • We promote health and well-being
  • We continually strive to develop new products


If you think you’d like to start your own Update1 franchise in the lucrative health and weight loss sector, then enquire with us today.

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