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My Own Tutor provides effective, affordable learning support to all. We have been operating our service to families and students for over 10 years and we have always been at the cutting edge of delivering learning support to students in the home and tuition centres, and we continue to expand the range of our services to students. We have a range of franchises with prices starting from Only £3250 to £6850 for the premium franchise (which includes 10 laptops)

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My Own Tutor outlines its plan to push the franchise forward during the current health crisis.

We are seeing closures of schools, community centres and church halls, sports venues – maybe even towns. This represents a severe challenge to maintaining continuity of our children’s education and learning support. It is vitally important that our children do not just sit at home doing nothing. Following that path leads to learning loss and loss of good habits and a dislocation that would take longer than the period of closures to recover from.

Schools and other tuition providers will need to be able to provide work for students to do at home. They will need to be able to monitor and asses the work that is being done and give feedback to the students. They will need to be able to continue to be able to give lessons. The question is – are they geared up to be able to do this? The answer has to come from technology. Online tuition is the only way that we can deliver the learning support our children will need. Traditional online tuition is not, in itself, the answer. Lessons can be delivered this way, but it is the setting and marking and reporting on work done by students which will provide a more severe challenge.

Parents cannot be expected to be substitute tutors in the home. The role of the parent must be to encourage and motivate their children to do the schoolwork in the home, however.

My Own Tutor has always run a complete learning support service through its online study programme. To provide extra learning support in what will be difficult times ahead for many families, we are now accelerating the launch of our virtual class service to offer affordable online classes in as many subjects as we can to add to our online study programme. The main focus will be on Maths, English and Science, but we will be looking to add other subjects as well.

To that end we are asking teachers and tutors to contact us to add to our ability to help provide extra learning support.

We are also announcing, for the time being, a basic level service of our online study programme. My Own Tutor Essential provides exercises and lessons in Maths, English and Science from Year 1 to GCSE. Additionally, it provides exercises in most of the other subjects studied at school (again up to GCSE). It provides reports to parents and carers at topic level to show how students are progressing and where they need help.

The price of My Own Tutor Essential is just £4.80 per week per student. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Standard Franchise is now priced at £3450 on single payment (no laptops included) and the payment plan is £1000 as initial payment, followed by £150 per month for the next 18 months.

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