Neil Niblock - Feedback on 1st 6 Months as an Advisor with ICON Business Solutions

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Neil Niblock discusses his experience of being an ICON Business Solutions Advisor.

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Initial Start-Up Programme

Neil Niblock

ICON Business Solutions continues to provide excellent support to myself.

Stage 1 – Pre-Training – I was encouraged to write a cash flow analysis, Business Launch, and a 90-day plan. I was also provided with some of the materials used before the formal training so that I was familiar with the processes and materials used by ICON Business Solutions. This approach entailed that the time between contract signing and formal training was used constructively to plan.

Stage 2 – Training – Due to the pandemic all my training was carried out one-to-one. ICON have accomplished trainers and everything taught is well documented in terms of reference materials. In addition to the formal training there was also ample opportunity to ask questions and hone skills via role-playing exercises.

Stage 3 – ‘Go Live’ – Qualified leads were generated for me by ICON prior to training which meant that I was able to put my training into practice regarding using the sales approach to uncover customer needs quite quickly. Initial discussions with the clients are carried out by the Advisor but then a member of the senior management team attends to help at the following meeting to where a business diagnostic is presented. This helps to show the prospect the ‘opportunity gap’ between where their business currently is and where it needs to get to in order to achieve their goals. Sales conversions at these meetings are high, as the process is about pointing out the strategic opportunity faced by the business and the relative desire for the business owner to embrace an alternative approach backed by a robust consulting process.

Stage 4 Consulting Support – The consulting process is covered during the formal training and is well documented and is based upon a change management approach. The process really starts to fall into place when you have your initial meetings with your new clients. These are supported closely by ICON in terms of attending the client meetings which helps to provide the Advisor with guidance and confidence as to how the consulting process works, as the IP is extensive and very detailed.

On-Going Support

Marketing Support – ICON has a robust ‘tech stack’ which provides qualified business leads /opportunities for Advisors every month. Each time a lead is provided, this is includes a detailed client information pack with supporting financials. These leads are well positioned and from these high conversion rates can be achieved.

Mentor Programme – John was assigned to me as my mentor and has provided a lot of useful advice to me not just relating to how you put the ICON Training into practice but also on a myriad of other subjects. I also cannot stress how important it is to hear how the ICON system is being successfully adopted from another practitioner.

Corporate Legal/Accountancy Advice – Within the wider ICON ‘family’ we are also able to draw upon the expertise of Andrew and others in what to many Advisors would be a legal minefield of which they have little direct expertise. Andrew’s timely interventions with my first two clients in terms of providing legal guidance was instrumental in them eventually electing to become clients.

Overall Feedback

  1. Despite starting during the Covid pandemic – thanks to the support of the ICON team I am on track with respect to the number of clients forecast in my business plan.
  2. Training & Support is top class – If you follow the training system, the process works.
  3. Lead generation systems do work and have led to me securing my clients.
  4. Feeling part of a team – As an Advisor you have support at the end of a mobile or email or phone pretty much whenever you need it.
  5. Depth and calibre of support – When you attend either sales or consulting meetings with a member of the ICON team you soon realise that you are operating in a highly professional and knowledgeable organisation.

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