Gareth Coop (Brighton)

Photography for Little People is an exclusive custom mobile photography studio specialising in newborn, pregnancy, baby, and family photography.

Photography for Little People

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"In a word 'Awesome'. I had an amazing week with Melanie at her studio in Chester le Street, it was pretty full on from the start with up to three shoots a day covering newborns, toddlers, a bumpshoot and impressions. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it but particularly the newborn shoots, we were lucky enough to have a newborn at just days days new. I didn't know what to expect from the training exactly but there was no time to think about that, we were straight in on the first morning with a lovely newborn baby boy. Melanie was not only great with the way she taught and instructed me but to watch her with all the little ones and the mums and dads was amazing. I learnt a lot from just watching her in action. And what really came across and something that I think is key to take away is it is always safety first, even if it takes longer, it must be safe, be patient and calm and it will happen. Now I am home and slowly digesting all of the information and setting about all the tasks in order to set up my new business, it is even more exciting and has left me chomping at the bit. I can't wait to get started as Photography for Little People by Gareth – Brighton!"

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