Nottingham Testimonial

As a nation, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day and are therefore acquiring a greater taste for coffee. At Triple Two, we only serve the highest quality speciality coffee. Every cup is consistently smooth and full of flavour. Awesome coffee naturally demands great food, and ours is made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients possible.

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Nottingham Testimonial

Read this article to find out how our Nottingham franchisee found the Triple Two Coffee training process!

Triple Two Coffee Franchise

Upon starting my new project with Triple Two Coffee, I received outstanding support and consolidation from the team with our highly anticipated investment. One of the first examples of such professionalism was my interaction with my operations manager, whom was consistent at providing sound advice. Upon selecting the location, my operations manager was able to not only provide professional advice, but went the extra mile, as he was able to provide me with population density demographics of Nottingham, and specific areas associated with optimal local marketing successes. This supportive interaction was consistent throughout starting up my franchise in Nottingham.

The marketing team were excellent in providing very specific details surrounding Nottingham, and further consolidated my investment trust into the location. They were able to provide me with several local store marketing locations and explained to me why each of these locations would benefit the store. This impressed me, as I could observe that they were also very passionate about their brand, and my pending success upon starting Triple Two in Nottingham. The operations manager demonstrated competency throughout starting Triple Two, as his expertise significantly helped our first couple of weeks of trade.

Furthermore, having had the operations manager here at the store for the store opening, this further enhanced and cemented my perspective of Triple Two being a strong brand. The team were very professional and supportive for our opening day and built an overwhelming momentum of inspiration for my staff, and the success of the business which still ripples almost 2 months later. Moreover, being in frequent contact with Triple Two, almost daily, has been helpful as there is always someone on the end of a phone.

More importantly, the major driving force in the success in the business is our mutual passion for coffee. The coffee speaks itself and reflects our mutual desire for the success of Triple Two, which can only expand. Having had the training and knowledge of the coffee, my staff and myself included, take the brand a step further and demonstrate our passion for coffee into the business. We were looking for the next big brand to take further, and we con honestly say that we have found it. Triple Two Coffee.

– Kurtis Berry

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