Aqualogia, specialists in the installation of ecological laundry, and the first eco-labelling company in France, offer a highly profitable business opportunity in the cleaning and laundry sector. They have access to the latest technology in the industry!


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Specialists in the installation of ecological laundry

and the first eco-labelling company in France 

Ecological Dry Cleaner

AQUALOGIA is the first ecological dry cleaner in France that is not subject to the restrictive standard of solvent-based installations such as silicone D5, KWL, K4, rynex and perchlo. Aqualogia were the first to install a localised dry cleaning facility and this has been in operation for fifteen years.

Aqualogia is easy to install and avoids many complications:

  • No specific ventilation of the room needed.
  • No flash point.
  • No need for space to store solvent sludge before reprocessing.

Aqualogia Meets the Demands of Today’s Users!

  • We deep-clean clothes without the use of harsh solvents.
  • All kinds of fibres, even the most delicate, can be processed (silk, virgin wool and even wedding dresses).
  • Our tool also makes it possible to treat all kinds of laundry (quilts, blankets, feathers, etc).

The Equipment Developed by Aqualogia is Easy to Use

  1. Our electro-pneumatic mannequin is quipped with a photocell allowing for fast and simple ironing. Thanks to its advanced technology that can instantly recognise the garment type, it can iron a jacket in just 26 seconds!
  2. Mechanisation and automation are optimal- the Aqualogia computer system and fully automated conveyor allow for simplified use and management. It also saves time! 
  3. Our great mastery of water-cleaning, and our sleek designs will attract your customers and guarantee you comfortable margins.

The AQUALOGIA team will assist you in all phases of your project!

  • Helping you to carry out essential tasks.
  • Training in a pilot Aqualogia laundry.
  • Help with your advertising. Aqualogia ecological dry cleaning helps you to put all the assets on your side!

Our training and assistance includes the following:

  • Two weeks of training in an Aqualogia dry cleaning office.
  • Continuous assistance, six days a week, through our designated hotline. Aqualogia is comprised of team of experienced professionals who have assisted with several hundred businesses. Aqualogia is now looking for traders in conversion and executives.

The Ecological Laundry Service

Our team has been installing ecological laundries for more than twenty years.

660 laundrettes have been installed to date, which is our biggest increase over the last two years. Aqualogia is a business opportunity without an entrance fee or royalties!

Aqualogia has been designed for the French and European markets, which are very specific compared to other countries! The equipment that we use is European. Aqualogia’s strengths are the vast network of technicians present throughout France, our proven reliability, high-tech machines, water-saving and super spin-drying, which allows users to quickly dry out!

Our laundromat product high gross margins and requires little monitoring, thanks to the automated door!

This well studied tool allows an investor to have another business at the same time, or even to launch several laundries! This laundry service can be supplemented by additional services such as ironing and alterations.

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