The more you care, the larger the reward. Build your own Home Care Business with guidance and support from a super-successful former franchisee.

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Territories available across the country

£12M sales from 9 territories

Avant founder Sally Graham is intensely passionate about helping and caring for people, a personal drive that led to her building a nine-territory home care business with £12M annual sales. After selling, she combined all her knowledge of the good and the bad from being a franchisee to create Avant Homecare as a leading franchise business model.

Choosing a care franchise?

This is a big step in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The team at Avant recognise this and will guide and support you on the journey, but your success will be down to your effort and desire to succeed. Are you:

  • Intensely passionate about caring for others?
  • Seeking control of your future as your own boss?
  • Wanting a healthy income gained by helping others?
  • Looking to build a nest-egg to provide security for your family’s future?
  • Searching for a home care franchise with a territory available in your local area?

The Avant Homecare franchise opportunity

  • Service excellence for all: private and local authority clients
  • A business model refined over the past 20 years
  • Channel your passion and compassion into your business
  • Help people of all ages with 12+ different specialist home care services
  • Territories available all around the country
  • Driven to care for more people? Add more territories as you grow…

The Avant franchise provides you with everything you need to start and grow your own local home care business. As with all new care businesses there are steps in the journey which Sally, Deepa and Mike have trodden many times before. In fact, we don’t know of another care franchisor team with such a level of direct experience in building large successful local domiciliary care businesses:

Former Franchisee: Sally is passionate about delivering the highest quality of service. Immersed in the care industry since she was 11 years old, her focus is on helping as many people as possible…

Operations Expert: Deepa has worked with Sally for many years, managing the team for her current and previous businesses. She is completely focused on maintaining exceptional standards…

Experienced Franchisor: Mike has huge experience in the sector, the most relevant being as a franchisor growing one of the UK’s main domiciliary care franchise networks to over 8m hours of care a year…

What do I need to be successful?

  • A passion for delivering excellent service
  • The desire to make a difference in your local community
  • Personal drive to build a successful multi million-pound business
  • Experience overseeing large numbers of employees
  • The ability to invest £40K + funding (total initial investment circa £80K incl. working capital)

Avant is a recognised proven business model, which means lenders can offer up to 50% of the total investment, including working capital, subject to status.

We are on the journey…

“I found Sally’s achievements with homecare franchises a remarkable accomplishment, and it offered a professional, proven business model. Avant’s values matched my beliefs.”
Jackie, East Sussex

“We’ve grown our business faster during the COVID-19 lockdown.”

Shafaque & Kash, Manchester

“I researched the background of Avant Homecare’s senior team, Sally Graham, Deepa Dungar and Mike Horgan, and found they were as passionate about care as I am. I met them and knew I could work with them.”

Mercy, Bromley & Bexley

The Avant home care business model is proven to be able to generate £4m+ in annual sales from an established three-territory business, with a strong potential resale value. If you are looking to build a rewarding business that derives a healthy income from caring for others, here is the typical franchisee journey:

  • Launch: attract higher margin private clients to start your new care business and prepare for your first CQC audit
  • Breakeven: within 12-18 months achieve operational breakeven, with a wide range of home care services
  • Growth: with at least a ‘Good’ CQC rating we’ll assist you in tendering for local authority contracts
  • Expansion: grow into a multi-territory, multi million-pound operation and start caring for many more people
  • Exit: you should now own a successful large multi-territory home care business – and a valuable asset to sell


The Avant franchise provides you with a low-cost route to establishing your own home care business in your local area:

  • Territories available across the country
  • Proven franchisor team to guide and support you
  • Option for multi-territory expansion
  • Proven £4m+ sales from an established three-territory business
  • Minimum £40K initial investment

If you would like to find out more please get in touch for an initial conversation, followed by an in-depth discussion with the directors about the business.

  • Melinda Bailey, Managing Director (Avant Healthcare Worcester)

    Melinda Bailey, Managing Director (Avant Healthcare Worcester)

    "I feel passionately that when crisis strikes, both patient and carer need help and support in equal measure. I have experienced the heartache and challenges that are real in people’s lives. I want to bring quality care to others. I want to make a diffe...

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  • Mr. A

    Mr. A

    "My father’s Care & Support Worker is very caring and because of her support and positive attitude towards him, he is able to remain living at his home address. The Care & Support Worker liaises with my family and if at all unsure discusses with...

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  • Mrs. T

    Mrs. T

    "Our main Care and Support worker fully understands how to deal with a dementia patient like my husband he talks to him in a way that he remembers things. He treats him like his own relative and shows lots of patience with him. Always on time, and very qu...

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  • Miss H

    Miss H

    "Our Care and Support worker is always polite and happy. Willing and able to do things that make my life easier."

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  • Mr. J

    Mr. J

    "All of the Avant Care and Support workers go beyond helping my Dad. They are always on time and always doing extra to assist my Dad."

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