With a BAP sandwich, baguette and coffee shop franchise, you can invest in a straightforward and successful business concept. BAP is an established and profitable brand, with which you can can gain a reliable income.


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Single franchises and Regional Master franchises available

Bap4.pngWhat is BAP?

Established in 2005, BAP is a rapidly expanding chain of sandwich and baguette fast food and coffee shops. Our affordable, tasty food and high quality coffees have resulted in many thousands of happy customers. We are continuing our expansion across the UK with single and Regional Master franchises available.

What sets BAP apart from the competition?

Our bread is made to an authentic British recipe and baked fresh every four hours. Our fillings are made to our own recipes in our kitchens. Our salads and vegetables are also as fresh as possible as they are sourced from local suppliers. Our bean-to-cup machines offer no-fuss but great-tasting coffees that cut down on the wait for customers, and increase profits at the same time.

Bap3.pngAnd vitally, our service is straightforward – baps, wraps and baguettes come in three sizes each at a set price. We offer top value meal deals, all of which also have single prices.

Customers can make quick, easy choices and have a delicious meal in minutes, which also allows each store to serve a high number of people and maximise turnover.

The marketplace

The size of the sandwich market has expanded rapidly over the last decade. £3.5 billion is spent on sandwiches in the UK annually – for comparison the pizza market is worth less than half of that at £1 billion. £560 million in sandwich sales are from specialised sandwich and coffee shops just like BAP. No other daytime snack is as popular as the sandwich meaning this is a lucrative sector to enter into.

Bap6.pngWe keep things simple

  • Our stores designs are simple – so they cost less for our franchisees to set up, and are comfortable and inviting for customers at the same time.
  • Our fresh local ingredients mean that you don’t need to wait for deliveries from factories, and that you also have more control over your store’s spending on produce.
  • Our corporate image is clear, and what we offer is obvious and accessible for customers, avoiding the need for expensive brand advertising.
  • All of this helps to keep costs down, which means that you can get your new store up and running, bringing you in a strong turnover more quickly and with less investment.

Bap5.pngDo you need experience?

If you are already in the food industry presently, or have prior experience in it, then you will have a good head start, particularly if you have knowledge of the fast food or coffee shop sectors.

However, experience is not mandatory as we train you in all aspects of running a BAP franchise. All that we require is that our franchisees are friendly, hard-working, and have organisational and time management skills. 

We even provide you will the option of experiencing what running a BAP franchise is like, before you sign up or pay any fees. You can attend an “induction day” where you can get a feel for running the business and see whether it suits your skill set.

All franchisees are different

Each franchisee will want something different from their investment in the BAP business opportunity, so you have three options to choose from when joining us.

  • Individual store: A single store that you can run with your family, managing your time to suit your lifestyle, and providing you with a healthy income.
  • Bap7.pngArea developer: This is for those who want to create and expand a business portfolio of several BAP stores, aiming toward multi-million turnovers.
  • Regional Master franchises: Master franchisees own the rights to their regions, taking a portion of the joining fees from each new unit that they sell, and from the management fees on each unit they manage. 

    We are not charging for the sale of Master Franchises at present – we only require that the franchisee commits to opening a set number of stores (their own or by sub-franchisees below them), over a negotiable timescale. This is a limited offer and will only last until we have the desired number of Master Franchisees on board. 


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