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Provide fast and effective language coaching to a range of businesses No previous language experience required With Efficient Language Coaching, you provide tailor-made language courses, in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or your chosen language. Your clients will be professionals or businesses in need of language coaching to improve or expand their business practices and enable them to converse in the language of their clients or contacts in foreign countries. Our coaching is offered at cost-effective prices which appeal to business owners, and can be achieved over a relatively short timescale due to our successful melding of neuroscience with coaching. With our methods, our clients pick up their foreign language of choice in a much faster and easier way. Run your own Efficient Language Coaching franchise  We want to share our passion for optimised language learning with others who think that they can successfully apply our unique approach. We use Neurolanguage Coaching in order to offer language learners the support they need to suit their working environment and their personal learning requirements. Neurolanguage Coaching uses the latest information in how the brain learns to effectively apply our language coaching techniques. What an ELC franchise can offer you Single unit franchise investment: £25,000 Regional Master franchise investment: £60,000 This is an exciting opportunity to work with clients both national and international, helping them to learn foreign language which will in turn allow them to expand their businesses and client bases. If you are interested in language coaching and learning, this may be the right business investment for you. ELC franchise support  We are committed to providing extensive support to our franchisees to ensure their success. This includes: Quality management: We manage the qualification and certification of teachers as Language Coaches in our Language Coaching Certification programme, with added methodology in Neurolanguage Coaching. We provide branding and corporate design. We offer business development guidance. We help with advertising and marketing strategies. We provide ongoing support, and quality audits to ensure franchisees are on the right track. There is a franchisee helpline service available for any queries or problems which may arise.   Is ELC right for you? The Efficient Language Coaching franchise is a high quality business opportunity, and we require the right people to help us expand through franchising. Are you passionate about language teaching, and do you have experience in this field? Do you wish to stretch your abilities as an entrepreneur with a new business? Do you identify with our brand and our innovative Neurolanguage Coaching methods? Do you have prior business experience or skills which you can put to use in your ELC franchise? And do you have the financial investment necessary to buy an ELC franchise?   To enquire about joining ELC and running your own language coaching business, please fill out the below form.  

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