The unique Gmoji technology creates an electronic equivalent of the product in the form of a link. Giftees do not need filling in a profile, registering or downloading an app. All that needs to be done is collecting a gift or ordering a gift delivery. A digital product can be sent via any electronic channel: social networks, instant messengers, SMS, email, etc... Gmoji is creating a global network of gift exchange; and we are actively working on launching our Cross Border Sending function, which will allow mobile application users to buy and send gifts to their friends, family, colleagues, or partners anywhere in the world where Gmoji is available.


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Gmoji Business model


  • Users send gifts to their friends, colleagues, loved ones
  • Master Franchisee gets a commission from every purchase
  • People who receive gifts become new users


  • Vendors want their products to be in the catalog to get more sales and new customers
  • Additional profit from placing products in branded category or in the top of the catalog


  • Targeted promo campaigns with transparent statistics
  • Motivation systems for employees
  • Loyalty programs for customers
  • New distribution channel

Grow your country’s Gmoji infrastructure with a complete Gmoji product set:

  • One partner in each country
  • Mobile application licence in your country
  • Gmoji Business products licence in your country
  • All B2C, B2B Gmoji products
  • Training of your staff
  • We will provide you with a basic gift catalog and technical support 24/7

Step-By-Step Launch Plan:

  1. We sign the initial agreement and your transfer deposit
  2. We stop all negotiations with any interested third-party
  3. You create a new company – e.g. Gmoji InYourCountry Ltd.
  4. We sign the license agreement
  5. Technical launch with product localization takes up to three months
  6. Meanwhile, we train your team
  7. The official launch


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