OINK are an established and successful food company that cook up delicious Scottish hog roasts for the masses! Own your own OINK franchise and benefit from the multiple supports on offer.


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Thanks for checking out our listing and showing an interest in our business and franchise opportunities!

Our mission has always been to showcase our quality pork and demonstrate that if you start with the best ingredients and understand how to cook them, then often the simplest food can be the tastiest!

Far from being a novelty lunch suited to a crisp winter’s day, our shops are busy all year round and attract people from all walks of life. The food is delicious, fresh, fast and great value. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are alive with glowing tributes from around the world and down the road proving OINK’s mass appeal. Even from other countries that know a thing or two about meat…

“We had our hog roast roll with haggis at Victoria Street!! Super delicious!!!!!!”
Regards from Argentina

Whilst no business is truly recession-proof, many in the food-to-go sector come pretty close. We opened the first Oink in 2008 just as the last recession was getting under way and we found that while people were watching what they spent, they were still very happy to pay for quality and value.

Hog roasts are very popular all over the country, but providers really do vary in quality from excellent butcher/farmer-owned operations that are usually found only at food fairs and markets, to very poor quality imitations that have neither the quality of original ingredient nor the skill, knowledge or understanding to produce a great end product. In terms of any that offer franchise opportunities, we can confidently tell you that no other company can offer you the brand, the systems, or the support that you will get from OINK.

As important as the retail store will be to your business, don’t forget that there is huge additional potential revenue from our outside catering. A well targeted campaign to attend and even partner with corporate clients, food festivals, private functions, and other country, culture, music and sporting events.

If you want to know more, and we really hope you do, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch by email straight away with the franchise prospectus. For now though, here are the all important start up costs:

  • The franchise fee is £15,000 plus VAT.
  • Working capital is between £20k and £30k – to get up and running, pay rent, deposits, buy equipment, hire some staff etc.
  • Store fit-outs start from £60k and will vary depending on the size of the store and seating capacity.
  • Launch marketing budget £5k.
  • (Lease packages are available for equipment and ovens).

To give you a rough idea of performance: our average weekly sales per store is £9,236.

Go on, fill out the form below and get in touch!

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