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Solan Fitness is proud to be a multi-award-winning gym brand and our clubs are the hub of results. We offer a one-stop solution to our members’ fitness and health needs, training in a motivating, fun and social environment.

Our mission is to build award-winning gyms around the UK, and we offer outstanding strength equipment, high-intensity functional zones, professional combat areas, and un and sociable fitness classes with the ambience of luxury facilities. Solan is serious with style!


We believe budget operators are now being saturated and offer all the same products and the same concept.  We know cheap isn’t always the best nor is it the best on your Return On Investment.  We believe in healthy profits and high margins.  For every membership we sell, a budget operator must work 4 times as hard to achieve the same revenue.

We’re Here to Dominate…

We’re here to rock the fitness industry with our uniquely built gyms that are created to have the ‘wow factor’ and ‘blow your socks ‘off effect, in an environment that is fun and cool!  Solan Fitness has developed and built award-winning state-of-the-art fitness clubs and the business is now expanding worldwide.

As a Solan Squad franchisee, you will be mentored to success.

We will ensure you are educated and trained on the following:

Increasing profit and revenue-

  • SOLAN University & Training Support -Our comprehensive training university programme will prepare you and your team for a healthy successful business developed by a world-class sales training expert.

Our training has taken inexperienced non-industry people and created them into the highest-performing winners within the Squad outperforming the standard industry employees from large chain gyms.

Many fitness franchises boast having minimal staff or no staff at all during quiet hours, we see staff as an investment to the growth of capitalising income. With correct and efficient training systems, staff are the biggest asset to growth!

  • Education Days– All of the training provided goes towards your CPD.  The training will be hosted by industry experts teaching specific subjects that will benefit your Club and keep your industry training current and updated.
  • Monthly Training Courses with Mentors – These monthly courses will support you in subjects such as social media marketing, Club events, member engagement, dominating your Club area, Competitors and many more.
  • 33-DayMillionaire Mentorship – This is a unique programme which no fitness franchise has offered.  You will have complete immersion in business mentorship hosted by the founders of the Company who are successful entrepreneurs, not business development employees.  Receive advice, guidance and knowledge from the pros with a proven track record.
  • Our Smart Business Model – We believe in healthy profits and high margins. We believe in making your money work for you and not being a slave to your money.  Break out from the rat race and join financial freedom.

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