A Global Opportunity in the UK

Working with their software partner, Ingenious Technologies, wee.com AG has been refining its unique concept since 2010 and now offers the first and only, International payment system with CashBack.

Already operating in 16 European Countries, wee is the first bonus system that saves customers money when shopping in independent businesses wherever they are and online. Membership is free and customers can even save money by introducing their friends. Customers can view their personal weeAccount online or on the weeApp, showing their balance and details of all their transactions.

It’s easy! Customers collect wee with every purchase (1 wee is £1, €1 , $1 or the local currency wherever they are).

Cash Not Points

So wee is a bonus system that lets the customer decide how they spend their money instead of having to choose between another toaster or a set of knives!

Benefits of wee for Local Businesses

There are many bonus and loyalty systems but few work effectively for local businesses. wee is different because it gives money instead of points and generates more revenue for the business by:

  • Attracting and retaining customers through the weeCard or weeApp
  • Participating in the best advertising platform, locally, online and in the media
  • Allowing customers to easily remember their business
  • Earning money when their customers shop online and with wee partners worldwide

MPM (Mobile Payment Markets) Group AG-

Exclusive Distributors for wee.com AG

This is a business opportunity you really can get excited about! In demand, cutting-edge technology and at the front of the next major banking trend! Visa and MasterCard alone process 128,000 transactions every second, creating a huge $2.7 trillion for the banks. As an External Partner with MPM Group AG, you can earn a slice of that revenue passively!

Independent businesses are losing customers to online retailers and large chain stores. With their mobile strategy that connects local shops, cafés, restaurants and small hotels into a global community of independent businesses, wee is changing all that.

wee.com AG operates a proven strategy, employing Call Centres to register businesses. This will commence in the UK in May / June 2018. Once registered, a business needs face-to-face and ‘back office’ support so, from February through April, MPM Group AG is seeking to expand its distribution network to support the launch of wee in the UK.

Register free of charge as a Direct Sales or invest in 1 or more Licence(s) and guarantee businesses registered to you by the Call Centre Campaign. You will earn a passive income every time their customers use their weeApp or Card to make purchases in any weeMerchant or at wee.com.


The aim of the weeCHARITY, established by the company founder, is to support underprivileged and sick children in our affluent society. The company gives 1 wee per customer per month to the Charity and has a goal to donate €1 billion per month.

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