Do you have an interest in property? The industry that creates more millionaires than any other? Would you relish the chance to work with people who have been there and done it? Join the leading property investment franchise in the UK and start your own property business with full training, ongoing support, and a 100% funding facility.

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We would like to announce the appointment of two new non-executive directors to the Sourced Network.

Warrington based property franchise company ‘Sourced’ have expanded to 15 franchisees across the whole of the U.K. in just over 6 months! Having run a successful pilot scheme for the past 12 months, they launched nationally as a franchise at the end of August 2017. The franchise itself is unique in the U.K. and an alternative to the many property courses available. The core idea is each franchisee sources and packages investment properties and sells them onto a huge database of buyers already registered.

The franchise has generated a lot of interest in the industry already and the new franchisees on board come from wide-ranging background’s such as; estate agency, mortgage brokering, building & development, property sourcers, and even down to complete newbies with little to no experience in property.

Sourced are slowly changing the market by having local investment specialists nationwide which breeds confidence amongst property investors.

A big incentive for franchisees is the opportunity to grow your very own property portfolio using a mixture of strategies and of course the earning potential of trading investment property deals which is very lucrative.

Shameem Golamy

The head of Rightmove overseas, Shameem Golamy, has joined us to help grow our brand globally. Shameem says: “After spending time with the Sourced senior team and learning more about their bold vision, I’ve been really impressed with the business model and how they execute it. Their energy, passion and smarts, leads me to feel this was a team I wanted to work with.”

David Rees

David has many years of experience as an Investment Banker, raising over £10 billion in capital for investment opportunities. He joins us to focus on raising development funding. “I have known Stephen for a while and like his style and desire to make a difference to the real estate investment landscape. The team are forward looking and recognise the need to both embrace technology and improve the transparency, speed and accountability in the sector.”

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