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Do you have an interest in property? The industry that creates more millionaires than any other? Would you relish the chance to work with people who have been there and done it? Join the leading property investment franchise in the UK and start your own property business with full training, ongoing support, and a 100% funding facility.

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The Sourced Network franchise has been developed to make property investment accessible to the public. Whether you’re looking to add a flip, conversion or development to your property portfolio, Sourced can provide you with the support and funding you need.

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The package includes training in a variety of property investment strategies, a dedicated support person to manage your growth and a funding platform to finance your deals. You’ll get a range of additional business resources, webinars and networking opportunities as well.

Sourced franchisees get exclusive access to get their projects funded on Sourced Capital, Sourced’s peer to peer platform. Unlike traditional funding facilities, the platform can lend up to 70% of the GDV of the project, meaning that franchisees can borrow up to 100% of what they need for the purchase price and work costs.

“I joined Sourced mainly for the access to funding, to enable me to get into larger projects than what I’ve done before.” says Phil Gordon, Glasgow franchisee.

In 2020 alone, Sourced raised £10,000,000 for franchisees, facilitating a variety of projects. From a small £100k HMO conversion to a £700k new build, the franchisees are able to achieve their property goals much quicker, thanks to Sourced.

“One of the main reasons I joined Sourced was to benefit from the exclusive funding platform.” Mark Barrett from Sourced Warrington admits. “It allowed me to get funding for my own conversions and developments.”

Each project is carefully assessed by Sourced’s internal team, to ensure that franchisees only work on profitable deals. The franchisees are then guided as they move forward with their projects.

Discover Previously Funded Projects

3 Bed New Build in Hornchurch, London

Everton Brown, Barnet franchisee, discovered a site with planning permission for a 3 bed family home. The end result is a contemporary, modern home.

  • Raise: £370,000
  • Price: £230,000
  • Works: £160,000
  • GDV: £525,000
  • Profit: £75,000
  • Return: 20%

Seaside Guest House Conversion

Scarborough franchisee, Sarah, found a dated guest house. Due to its location, it was ideal to convert into serviced accommodation apartments.

  • Raise: £244,000
  • Price: £180,000
  • Works: £82,500
  • GDV: £490,000
  • Profit: £178,000
  • Return: 38%

Row of Terraces in Clacton-on-Sea

Business partners Chaz and Jas wanted to take their existing property ventures to another level. Their first project with Sourced was a £1.1 million new build with 6 townhouses.

  • Raise: £1,103,000
  • Price: £504,000
  • Works: £858,000
  • GDV: £2,005,000
  • Profit: £401,000 Return: 33%

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