Triple Two Coffee to deploy "COVID-proof" mobile vans

As a nation, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day and are therefore acquiring a greater taste for coffee. At Triple Two, we only serve the highest quality speciality coffee. Every cup is consistently smooth and full of flavour. Awesome coffee naturally demands great food, and ours is made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients possible.

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Triple Two Coffee to deploy “COVID-proof” mobile vans

The franchise is set to roll out up to 80 vans over the next two years as part of its new mobile coffee concept.

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Speaking to QSR Media, co-founder and Managing Director David Hodgetts spoke about the flexibility of the model;

“The idea is to create a lower-cost model [that is] more flexible with [franchisees’] work lifestyle; they can control how much they work. But also, it means that their overheads are going to be zero in terms of rental. So it’s a low risk.”

Hodgetts noted that a mobile concept was always on the books for the franchise, but that the pandemic had altered their roadmap and plans.

“It’s sort of COVID-proof. Because whatever happens, it will be able to continue to work.”

“If somebody signed up today, they don’t have to find the property or do the design or any of that process. So they’re skipping the slower parts of the process. It will take a couple of weeks for the van to be built, the franchisee will be allocated their location. And basically, then it’s up to us, with them, to find them enough business within their area to drive revenue.”

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