What Makes Triple Two Coffee Different?

As a nation, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day and are therefore acquiring a greater taste for coffee. At Triple Two, we only serve the highest quality speciality coffee. Every cup is consistently smooth and full of flavour. Awesome coffee naturally demands great food, and ours is made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients possible.

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It is hard to deny the strength of the retail coffee market. In the UK alone, it has seen enormous growth over the past few years, and this looks set to continue!

Triple Two Coffee Franchise

Triple Two Coffee was inspired by this growth, and felt that they could offer consumers something different and new.

The concept of the brand was established in August 2015, with the aim being to offer delicious coffee and fresh food in a relaxed setting. Triple Two Coffee saw an excellent customer response at their store in Swindon, and this motivated them to develop the business even further. Their customer loyalty programme and social media marketing has proven to be very effective as the brand has taken off in ways the team simply could not have anticipated.

Franchising was an easy way of expanding the business. The Triple Two Coffee team were excited to offer like-minded people the opportunity to be their own boss and run their own successful business. They offer two types of franchise opportunity: Kiosk and Store. All franchisees get full training and support, as well as access to their expert property team who can help to find an ideal location. There is also a design team to help launch each franchisee’s space into a beautiful Triple Two Coffee shop.

New franchisees can also avail of Triple Two Coffee’s innovative approach to marketing. The team have firmly embraced technology, and use it to help franchisees grow their customer base and get a foothold on the booming UK retail coffee market.

To date, Triple Two Coffee have already welcomed fifteen high quality franchisees. In 2018, they aim to open a minimum of twenty four sites and hope to have at least 200 stores within the next five years.

Triple Two Coffee are always on the lookout for ambitious franchisees. If you would like to work with a leading brand in the coffee industry, this is the dream opportunity for you!

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