Why have a will in place - what you may not know

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A staggering 59% of UK adults do not currently have a Will in place. More surprising still is that many of the Wills that are in place will fail as they need updating.

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Having a Will means that you can appoint your Executors and Trustees, Guardians for your children and state your wishes of what you would like to happen to your estate.

Without a Will, an estate is not protected and the family cannot give any input at the probate stage. The property and equity become the responsibility of the government who then assess the amount of Inheritance Tax to be paid and to whom the assets belong to. It may not always fall to the spouse and if a couple are not married, they are not entitled to receive anything at all. Further to this, any small children actually become the responsibility of Social Services and do not necessarily go to the next of Kin/ designated guardians.

So why do people put off writing/updating their Will?

It is our belief that this is due to a severe lack of education on what a Will can actually do for your family post death. The most common reasons we receive from people who have not written their Will are:

  • People believe they do not own enough to warrant writing a Will
  • They do not realise what will happen to their children
  • They do not fully understand the rules of testacy
  • Do not understand the laws around inheritance tax
  • Do not trust the advice they are given

It is also common that people put off writing their Will because it is a sensitive topic and speaking about this with a solicitor can be very impersonal.

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How we can help and how you can become involved

At APS Legal and Associates, we have a Legal Department who are able to give advice on technical queries. Although Will Writing and Estate Planning is not currently a regulated sector, we act in a regulated way by following the code of practice of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW).
We offer a three day training course for you to join a group of 550 Associates throughout the UK and become trained in advising clients on Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorneys. Once you have passed this course, you will become accredited as an Associate member of the IPW.

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