Karen Smith, APS Legal Associate

An excellent opportunity to run a professional, time flexible and lucrative Legal services business from home or office, from one of the most recognised and trusted brands in the industry. Minimum start up costs with no previous experience necessary.

APS Legal & Associates

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I have been an associate with APS Legal & Associates for over four years and as a former financial advisor I had been used to working within a strict regulatory framework. When I moved into will-writing, I wanted to ally myself to a professional firm with a formal code of conduct. The fact that APS are one of the largest organisations within the Institute of Professional Willwriters and that we are accredited by the Trading Standards Institute is important to me. With APS Legal & Associates you have the ability to grow your business to the size that suits you with full support. However, even as an individual practitioner, you have the technical team behind you and the combined knowledge of all of their years of will-writing, trusts, probate and powers of attorney experience. There is always someone at the end of the telephone to guide you when you see clients. The feeling that you are not on your own is valuable to your professional self-esteem. I find APS Legal & Associates represent superb value for money.

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