Les Puces, established by Mandie Davis, is taking the language education sector by storm!

Les Puces

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Full Description

Les Puces

No French is required for this ‘work from home’ business opportunity. Be part of the first phase of this franchising offer, from a company taking the language education market by storm. 

Established in January 2015, Les Puces offer early years French classes, currently across the south east of England- where we head next is up to you! Classes take place in schools (on curriculum or as an after school club), in nurseries, in village halls and private homes. As demand grows, and the current area expands, we are looking for the first three franchisees to work closely with us, proving that the model works, and be ready for our full launch across the UK in 2018. 

Franchise Opportunity

The Les Puces franchising model is based on you running a team of fluent French-speaking teachers and developing your exclusive area in order to achieve a good income from your home office. With our help and guidance, you will find teachers and train them in the Les Puces method, ready to go out and take the hour long classes in their neighbourhood.  

Lesson planning is done centrally, so you have everything you need to provide your teachers with the exclusive Les Puces materials and plans used in each half-term module. Children receive a beautiful bilingual book and work on a ‘Make It’ project every half term, so you are assured of the quality of classes under your control. You will deal with enquiries from parents and schools in your area, as well as invoicing parents and paying venues.

Full training is given and we will work as a partnership with you to ensure that your business moves into profit as soon as possible. We will train you and help you prepare for your business launch, at which point you will have a network of teachers and classes available across your area, and you will be ready to answer the phone to that first enquiry! From there you can expect to be busy networking, monitoring classes and dealing with invoices.

The franchise package includes initial training and ongoing support, as well as getting your first wave (of up to 20 teachers) equipped with their Les Puces teachers’ bags that contain all of their basic teaching materials. 

Case Study / Our History

Les Puces was created by Mandie Davis, mum of trilingual and bilingual daughters. 

“Communication was always a priority for me when the girls were little.  I wanted them to have the confidence to articulate what they wanted and to not be daunted by the difficulties that language, peer pressure and a world run by adults can present.” 

Being brought up in three countries, meant the girls had to adapt and embrace languages and cultures.  Whilst living in France, Mandie volunteered at local schools and ran After School English clubs. 

“Observing how children learned in a classroom setting, as well as the experience with my own children, enabled me to create a method of teaching which follows a natural learning method, whilst linking the different ways we learn into half-term modules.”

On moving back to England, Mandie developed her ideas and, working with a team of illustrators, musicians and designers, she created the Les Puces method.

“We work hard and fast!  We published 17 bilingual books and 2 song albums in our first three years.  We are proud of the quality of materials that the children get to work with and keep when they come to our classes.” 

Children take home a bilingual book each half-term, building a useful and beautiful library that will help them with their studies beyond the years of taking the classes. They also work on a ‘Make It’ project each half term, which they take home and so extend their language learning beyond the classroom. 

“The first couple of years of starting a business were hard and there were lots of lessons to be learned along the way.  I now know the best time to run classes, how to advertise them, how to control cash flow and to build the business from a good foundation.  Running a Les Puces business gives me the freedom to work from home, or from abroad as I am often in France.  I have classes running before I even wake up on a Saturday morning and, as the area grows so does our reputation, so finding parents to sign up becomes easier.  I am now confident that this is a great business model to share with others.   I had the choice of expanding the business in-house or franchising.  I chose the latter as I believe that with other business owners investing in the model, Les Puces can spread across the country much faster and more efficiently than trying to keep everything in-house.  I am looking forward to working with a team of Les Puces business owners!”

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