Earn a lucrative income marketing our Payroll & HR services. Do the work once; get paid over & over again! No payroll experience required as we do the calculations.

Payrolls Direct

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Market & sell our payroll services to clients
No financial or accountancy experience required

Payrolls Direct has created a simple yet highly profitable payroll franchise that is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to run a business from a small office, or from home. The cost of entry is low compared to many other franchises on the market, as are the overheads, but the profit potential is high & only restricted by how hard the franchisee is willing to work.


procrastination.pngThe business model

The franchisee does not need to manage & calculate payroll. All they need to do is explain & market the services we provide to local business owners. The customers pay directly to the franchisee monthly, by direct debit. The franchisee then hands over 25% to HQ for doing the payroll calculations.


Once a business appoints a company like ours to manage their payroll, they are highly unlikely to move to another payroll company. This means that you have a very good chance of keeping this client long term.

Project Management & HR Library

With Payrolls Direct, payroll is just the tip of the iceberg. Businesses can use our Project & Task Management tools to set & manage tasks professionally. By managing their employees better, they also increase their productivity. Employees can access their projects & tasks from any device connected to the internet & can collaborate seamlessly, even if they are working from remote locations.

Our HR Documents & Templates Library is invaluable for our customers when they need to create their own HR document or deal with workplace challenges.


Web-based control panels

All employer & employee control panels are provided over the internet. There’s nothing to download or install, & the control panels can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Employees can electronically submit timesheets; update expense claims; request holidays & much more. Employers simply have to approve their submissions before the payroll run.

No payroll experience required

Once a customer has been acquired, HQ does all the work. Simply put, the franchisee receives full payment; monthly, every month, by direct debit. HQ does all the work, & in return, the franchisee pays HQ 25%. HQ provides full telephone & email support to all clients. This means that the business is very hands off, once a customer has been acquired.

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Favourable entry price

Our franchise fee is £5,995. If you wish to pay in instalments, the initial franchise fee would rise to £7,995, with £3,599 payable immediately, & four further annual payments of £1,099.

Well thought out business model

The profit potential is high, you can choose which hours to work & you can manage this business from home. All elements of the business model have been designed so that the franchisee knows exactly what to do to launch their business & make it a success. This is why we believe that this is the perfect payroll business for entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business.

Start-Your-Business-with-Payrolls-Direct.pngWhat do you get from Payrolls Direct?

Training: All franchisees get a full day of training at HQ in which they are taught how to use their control panel & how to launch their payroll business.

Training video library: Franchisees can access our extensive training video library which covers everything from launch, to marketing, to keeping records & more.

Help with marketing: The franchisee is shown how to do presentations to potential clients. They are given a Marketing Manual, e-brochures, email templates & telephone scripts to use when communicating with potential clients.

Stationery: All franchisees receive a marketing pack, with high quality printed brochures & laminated business cards. They also have full access to our library of web-based marketing material.

After the initial induction, the franchisee receives full support for life including one-to-one assistance, telephone & email support.

Comprehensive guidance & support: The franchisee is given additional training, help & support for free, whenever they request it. This unlimited guidance means help is only 1 phone call away. The franchisee is never alone, even though they are working for themselves!


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