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This powerful information has helped thousands to build a £1,000,000 property portfolio successfully and £50,000 in secret passive wealth income for life – now, you can do the same.

To people who want to build a property empire and secret passive wealth system – It’s what you don’t know that is costing you a fortune!

Instead, you could be building a passive, cash-rich income that lasts for the rest of your life…

  • WITHOUT £50,000 to £100,000 saved up to get started.
  • WITHOUT spending years building a property portfolio and related business.
  • WITHOUT any expertise or knowledge about the property industry.

Do You Wish You Could Be A Property Millionaire?

If you’d like to unearth one of the best-kept secrets of Britain’s wealthy elite, then keep your eyes glued to this page. You cannot find this information anywhere else online.


Because the property industry doesn’t want you to find out – they simply don’t want anyone taking a slice of the pie that they can keep all to themselves instead!

What I’m about share with you is going to ruffle some feathers – but I believe that anyone with the enthusiasm and the desire to make this easy money work for them deserves this opportunity.

This Is What You Really Want – If You’re Honest

First, let us get clear on your #1 goal:

You want to start enjoying your own passive wealth and the freedom from the drudgery of the rat race that it brings.

Now, you may also want to enjoy sharing a portfolio asset that the top 5% of the Sunday Times Rich List leverage…

…to work from anywhere in the world as your own boss, enjoying a constant stream of money to enjoy your next trip to distant shores…

…and perhaps even achieve a greater level of security for your children and grandchildren in the future.

Create an Income That’s “Safe as Houses” – No Matter What

The company seeks people like you who are ready to take control of their lives and build their vision of financial freedom, supported by the high profit, low volume model of property dealing.

This expansive training and expert education will show you how to:

  • Build a portfolio worth millions of pounds with a passive flow of income to your bank balance every month.
  • Find and trade property deals to investors for up to £5,000 each, showing you how to find and select the best deals.
  • Teach you everything you need to know about trading property in an ethical and legal manner to quickly gain a professional reputation.
  • Train and update you on the latest property strategies to maximise your understanding and profits, no matter what the deal.
  • …and much, much more!

This is a rare opportunity to become an expert property consultant and investor with an impressive personal portfolio and equity – as well as joining an elite group in today’s British society.

Act now to get started on the life you deserve!

  • Richard and Alison Mapp: London

    Richard and Alison Mapp: London

    Richard and Alison were keen to expand on their property experience so teaming up with Portfolio Millionaire was an excellent career move for them! Richard and Alison were very successful business owners and had some property experience already. Working with u...

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  • Octav Cobzareanu: Romania

    Octav Cobzareanu: Romania

    Octav has had wonderful success using the Portfolio Millionaire system! Octav is based 1800 miles away in Romania and he wants to invest in the UK to build a property portfolio, as well as trade property he doesn’t own for big fees. Using our system of putti...

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  • Shelly Haspell-Crewe

    Shelly Haspell-Crewe

    Shelly Haspell-Crewe Shelly has developed her property portfolio since joining our team and has not looked back since! We helped Shelly build her property portfolio in the North West and trade deals to bring in cash to use as deposits to expand her portfolio. ...

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  • Portfolio Millionaire – A Virus-Proof Business

    Portfolio Millionaire – A Virus-Proof Business

    21st May 2020

    Although businesses are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises like Portfolio Millionaire are thriving and providing people with the opportunity to increase their personal wealth. As a result of COV1D-19, the world now-faces a fractured glob...

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  • Acquire Properties for Property Investors

    Acquire Properties for Property Investors

    8th May 2018

    How would you like to acquire properties for £1 and then flip them to property investors for thousands of pounds? Property has doubled on average in value every 7-10 years… Do you want a piece of the action? Help property sellers sell a property within ...

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  • "If you want to build a property portfolio the new way, then join PM." Read More...

    Shelley Haspel, Crewe UK Partner

    Shelley Haspel, Crewe UK Partner

  • "It took me a while to decide this would be right for me as I have very little time due to my job offshore, however the plan I have been given allows me to run this in my own time as the training is not location dependent. I will say this is far from getting [&..." Read More...

    Paul R

    Paul R

  • "We already have Buy To Let property in the UK and the USA but David and the team at PM show you the latest cutting edge ways of making money in property, it is mind-blowing." Read More...

    Richard and Alison, Ohio, USA Partner

    Richard and Alison, Ohio, USA Partner

  • "We have been involved with the Portfolio Millionaire mentorship for a few weeks now and are making very good progress. The emphasis of the programme (through the mentoring process for each stage) has given us the direction and confidence to move forward along ..." Read More...

    Jon K

    Jon K

  • "I can confirm that I have done eight lease option deals with David France over the last two years. Everything went smoothly with the deals. I can strongly recommend David to anyone wishing to do lease options. Dave is a very genuine guy who goes the extra mile..." Read More...

    Neil Ellis

    Neil Ellis

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