Quick Crêpes is Europe’s largest crêpe franchise, with over 20 outlets serving crêpes, waffles, smoothies, shakes, soups, ice-creams and coffee in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.

Quick Crêpes

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Quick Crêpes

The fastest-growing crêpe franchise in Europe

Are you looking for a brand new business opportunity?

One that’s easy to learn, popular with a wide range of customers and provides a consistently high gross profit margin?

Hmmm, it seems Quick Crêpes is for you!

Read on to learn how this great business is available for a franchise fee of only £14,950 with rock-solid branding and a lucrative business model. And in contrast to our competitors, once your outlet is open we do not charge a ‘management fee’ – our income derives from supplying the stock at a price that can offer 70% gross profit on sales.

Who are we?

Quick Crêpes recognised a gap in the market for a branded solution to incorporate crêpes, ice cream, waffles, shakes, organic soups, savoury options and a range of beverages. Having initially launched as a dessert bar concept in Ireland, we have now developed into a Quick Service Restaurant concept operating over 20 outlets in a variety of locations and formats in Ireland, UK and the Middle East. We have a successfully proven business model which is perfect for both a new start-up or for expanding the product range of an existing catering business to incorporate crêpes.

We have created our own exclusive crêpe mix (also sold in Harrods and delis throughout France) which ensures consistent quality and ease of operation for store owners.

Why Quick Crêpes works

The Quick Crêpes franchise suits virtually any retail location, slotting in easily in shopping centres, inside larger stores, as standalone kiosks, or in the re-branding of an existing food outlet. Brand loyalty is a huge factor in our success, and on opening a new store, franchisees will find that repeat custom rapidly develops. This is because Quick Crêpes has developed a memorable and visually striking brand, with broad appeal to people of all ages and nationalities.

Our classic look and our food preparation in full view creates a welcoming setting which encourages customer curiosity, and inevitably draws people in to buy our products. With today’s consumers looking for more affordable treats, our range of products offer the customer both excellent value and quality; a quick solution for the ‘treat me now’ market.

Our prices are low, but our products are the best available:

· Our crêpe mix is sold in Harrods and exported to France.
· We are trade partners with Slush Puppy.
· Our coffee is triple-certified organic and Fairtrade.

Our Customers

Quick Crêpes outlets appeal to the following:

· Families wanting a quick meal or snack with a range of accessible price points.
· Shoppers, office workers, tourists.
· All age groups and demographics.
· Impulse buyers.

What do you get for the franchise fee?

Our franchise fee is £14,950 and includes:

· The Quick Crêpes brand
· On-site evaluation
· Kiosk design, concept, drawings and support
· On-site and off-site training
· Access to Quick Crêpes packaging & uniforms
· Group purchasing
· Recipe and menu development
· Help and support with fit out and installation from nominated suppliers

The benefits of a Quick Crêpes franchise opportunity:·

· No ongoing fees based on turnover
· High 70% margin
· Minimum waste
· On-site training
· Low maintenance
· Realistic return on investment
· Easy to operate
· Low skill level
· Cost effective
· Small footprint

Franchise locations

We are looking to expand our franchise operation across the UK and internationally.

We believe our simple, flexible franchise model will find success in a huge variety of locations across this country and beyond.

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