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Red Rock Entertainment is a film investment company; working in conjunction with some of the top UK film companies to raise equity for independent film projects.

Red Rock Entertainment also raises funds for TV and distribution.

We are hired by production and distribution companies to finance their projects. We currently have a number of SEIS, EIS, equity and distribution investment opportunities available. Red Rock Entertainment always looks for the right type of investor for the project and our sole focus is on our products as an investment opportunity. We ensure that we work alongside directors and producers to make sure that our projects stay within their proposed budget and timeline.

All monies paid by investors are sent directly to the production companies, and at no point do investors send any money to Red Rock Entertainment.

Projects we’ve worked on..

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Projects that we have worked on include: London Heist, starring Craig Fairbrass, Nick Moran and James Cosmo, Dusty and Me, starring Luke Newberry and Iain Glen from Game of Thrones and Stanley, A Man of Variety (aka Eye Digress), starring Timothy Spall. More recently Red Rock Entertainment have been working on ‘Madness in the Method’ starring, Jason Mewes, Teri Hatcher, Danny Trejo, Kevin Smith, Vinnie Jones, Judd Nelson, Casper Van Dien, Dean Cain, Gina Carano, Matt Willis and featuring the legendary Stan Lee from Marvel Comic fame. The latest feature is Genesis – The fall of Eden a Sci-Fi film starring some great actors like John Hannah, Olivia Grant, Chike Okonkwo, Ed Stoppard, Paul Nicholla and Amrita Acharia.

We can arrange for our investors to visit the sets during filming, appear as extras, and attend private screenings. We also arrange film investment seminars at our historic home Elstree Studios.

The seminars feature guest speakers from the different film companies, along with qualified accountants who can discuss the various tax advantages of investing in the film industry. Our directors attend all the major Film Festivals and Film Markets including: The American Film Market, Berlin International Film Festival and Cannes International Film Festival, ensuring that we keep up to date with the latest film trends.

Red Rock Entertainment work as executive producers on film and TV projects. An Executive Producer is someone who has either personally funded or arranged the funding for a motion picture or television show. Making a television show, or film can be a costly process and so the Executive Producer essentially acts as the financial backer, helping the production to raise the extra finances and investment it needs to get to the distribution stage.

Our Role

On the film/television set Red Rock Entertainment’s main role is to ensure that the project is proceeding according to the set schedule and budget. Although as an Executive Producer we don’t have control over how the film is executed we do have a say in anything which may affect the films schedule or marketability. We focus on film projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a soundfinancial structure.

We also require that certain elements are in place before we will commit to any film project. We mainly work with film projects which are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing.

The Opportunity

Investing in films can offer generous returns. The benefits extend far beyond the sale of box-office tickets: DVD sales, licensing to TV broadcasters and online platforms, and merchandising revenue all count towards a film’s profit and can continue to generate returns for many years after its theatrical release.

As well as being a great investment opportunity you can get some great perks too!

  • Film Set Visits
  • Chance to Appear as an Extra
  • Private Screenings
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Name in the Credits

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