The Dapper Doughnut franchise is designed to celebrate the unique process of creating each mini doughnut that the customer orders.

The Dapper Doughnut

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To say The Dapper Doughnut is the highest quality doughnut experience around is very true.

Serving hot mini doughnuts and an exceptional experience is at the core of what we do – but there is also so much more.

The Dapper Doughnut customer values the transparency of this process, so the doughnut-making assembly line has been placed front and centre in the customer experience. Each doughnut is treated as precious and is presented as such. Because packaging plays an active role in establishing the brand identity and setting the Dapper Doughnut product apart from others, our special boxes are incorporated as a design feature in the shop to visually reinforce our unique approach to doughnuts. Like the brand itself, the shop has a playful and whimsical, yet sophisticated quality in its fixtures and finishes.

Why Choose The Dapper Doughnut?

Becoming a The Dapper Doughnut franchise owner is an exciting business opportunity. It is a great way to become a part of the restaurant industry and specialized dessert sector. Our franchisees get to be a part of a popular concept with a proven system. Although we awarded 28 franchises in 2017, there is still an opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and grow with our brand.

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably looking at different food franchises and no doubt have learned that most require a significant six-figure investment. The Dapper Doughnut (TDD) franchise is different. Most TDD locations will require an investment of well under £150,000, and if you opt to operate a kiosk, your out-of-pocket investment (excluding the area developer fee) will be under £50,000, or a cart – under £20,000. There are very few businesses that can operate with a footprint of only 150 sq. ft. (kiosk) or even 80 sq. ft (cart), and with food costs of only 10%, there is a real opportunity for a quick ROI.

We are seeking ONLY area developer franchisees who are interested in owning a minimum of five The Dapper Doughnut units. Each unit can be a cart, kiosk or retail unit or any combination of these.

The Dapper Doughnut business model is based upon the award winning Chicago-based Beavers Coffee and Donuts (BCD). BCD has been operating successfully for six years in the Chicago area and franchise professionals Jeff and Brian Pappas have molded the BCD business model into an international franchise. Whether you open an in store or operate with a kiosk or cart, you will be able to significantly augment your income through catering. The demand for hot mini doughnuts is huge and there are not many operators meeting this demand.

The Dapper Doughnut Difference

At The Dapper Doughnut, we have a proven business model that is profitable and exciting to own. Our unique combination of proprietary recipes, innovative topping combinations, the highest quality ingredients and an incredible brand overview, makes us one of the best franchises to own today!

  • Proven business model
  • Appeals to 95% of the population – everyone loves doughnuts
  • Low food cost…doughnuts and drinks have an exceptional profit margin
  • Visual appeal…customers love to watch the doughnuts being made
  • Always served fresh and hot – so little competition from this sector
  • Easy business to operate
  • Can be operated from a kiosk, cart or brick and mortar location
  • Small footprint (80 to 1200 sq. ft.)
  • Portable doughnut fryer (so we can offer fresh, hot doughnut at catering events)
  • Huge catering opportunity – corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, etc

Our Support and Training

The Dapper Doughnut management team has over 60 years of franchise experience. Training will be five and a half days of fun learning (and some doughnut tasting) held at our Las Vegas location! We will have classroom sessions, on-the-job training and an additional three days of on-site training, once you’re ready to open. We have an annual visit to check in and see how things are going while providing on-going marketing & operational support. We provide training webinars, marketing manuals, digital marketing support, and materials to help you be successful! We have an integrated supply chain with incredible vendor relationships. Our exclusive and proprietary recipe for our doughnuts ensures that our product is crafted to premium standards.

Our marketing and support team includes day to day operations assistance and ongoing support with updated training videos, ad creative, and print collateral. We help provide guidance to increase brand visibility and help maintain the vision of The Dapper Doughnut brand, while continuing to help increase sales and awareness.

If you would like to learn more about a franchise opportunity with The Dapper Doughnut, simply click the button below!
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