What kind of franchise business is this?

This is more of a management franchise with a focus on managing people, and where you can expect an earning level of between £50,000 and £250,000, depending on your ambitions.

What do TREND Transformations do?

With 20 years of franchise growth, TREND Transformations is a home renovation business like no other. With a bespoke product that combines a unique quality with a luxury feel, there’s a reason why our business is growing from strength to strength.

Our beautiful and stylish products are easily installed onto existing surfaces, so when you become a franchise owner it’s a simple step-by-step procedure to transform your customers’ homes in the space of a single day.

We have a proven business model that could be the franchise you’ve been waiting for – a chance to run a business that makes you proud, gives you the flexibility to enjoy life, and generate some serious money.

How we help you find customers

TREND Transformations work closely with you to generate the leads/enquiries you need —where there are leads, there are guaranteed to be customers.

What experience is required?

You don’t need to have any background in this industry, although you will need to become an effective project manager, have or acquire a sense of organisation, and also be good with people.

How much can you earn?

We get it. When you’re deciding whether or not to become a franchisee, you want to know the numbers involved. TREND Transformations offers various business models with varying levels of growth.

Once the business is built up, you should expect to be able to draw a 6-figure income, but you may be happy to run a smaller business and draw less of an income. Ultimately, your overall success will be very much down to you.

5 reasons why TREND Transformations offers a successful business model

1. Unique product

Our products are better because they are proprietary to TREND Transformations. You won’t find anything else like it. When you join the TREND Transformations family, you automatically get ahead of the competition.

2. No shortage of new, repeat and referral customers

People are always looking to renovate, giving our business a significant degree of resilience in the ever-changing economy. TREND Transformations is all about giving people value – from our customers to our franchisees.

3. Unparalleled service

One of the cornerstones of the TREND Transformations brand is our service. Over the years we’ve developed a trusted installation process that’s both essential and unique to our high quality products.

The TREND Transformations 3-step installation process virtually eliminates the need for demolition, shortening a project timeline and easing the hassle and mess of typical home renovations. As a TREND Transformations franchise owner, you and your installer(s) will learn everything you need to know about this proprietary system.

4. Multiple revenue streams

Our products may have started life as a revolution in kitchen worktop renovation, but they’ve now evolved far beyond the kitchen. You can find TREND Transformations adding a vital element of luxurious beauty across a range of uses:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Shower Systems
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Cabinet Refacing

And more…if your customers can think of it, you can build it.
For TREND Transformations franchise owners, the product’s versatility brings added value and growth potential. It adds appeal to both homeowners and commercial businesses looking to renovate or build new. It’s all about creating more opportunities for success.

5. Built from recycled materials

TREND Transformations takes great pride in using recycled materials. We’ve found it’s not just better for the environment – it’s better for business. According to recent studies, it looks as though going green isn’t just a trend, but rather a lifestyle that’s becoming the norm.

Your territory

A territory is a set amount of space in the UK where you will have exclusive rights to sell TREND Transformations products. Comprising of around 200,000 residential houses across multiple postcodes, you will be able to build a name and reputation for quality home improvements with a customer base that cannot go elsewhere for your product. In the event you’d like to expand further, other territories can be reserved for future growth.

Why choose TREND Transformations?

Very few of the other franchise opportunities out there give you the tools and resources to build a true and sustainable venture from start to finish, in addition to offering a unique product with significant consumer demand. Most other franchise opportunities also do not offer the ability to expand to other product and service areas as easily as us.

All you need is a little creativity and desire we’ll help with the rest.

Want to know more?

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