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Stan Lee

The Marvel comic legend Stan Lee sadly passed away on the 12th of November, at the age of 95.

At the moment it is unclear whether there had been a will or trusts put in place by Stan, but what are the complications of not having these documents in place?

Without a will, an estate has to be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, regardless of whether or not this aligns with what the family know to be the deceased’s last wishes. This is particularly worrisome where unmarried partners are concerned, for while there are statutory provisions ensuring that spouses or civil partners inherit at least a portion of the estate, there are no such protections for unmarried couples.

The issue of not having these documents in place are increasingly becoming a hot topic in the media and is therefore at the forefront of people’s minds. A staggering 59% of UK adults have not yet had the conversation about their will and more than this have not protected themselves for the possibility that they may become ill we can see that there is a huge opportunity to get involved in this sector and help reduce that number.

Although later life planning seems a daunting prospect for most people, once you start the planning, maintaining this will become second nature – peace of mind isn’t complicated if you are given the right tools and advice.

The opportunity to start a business in this area is therefore significant and giving an education on these services in the local community is likely to be well received. To this end, all of our associates receive in-depth training and full cover under our PI insurance, we offer a wide range of estate-planning services.

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