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Concept Building Solutions are seeking a variety of motivated individuals from any background to start their own project management business using a proven franchise business model.

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We like to share the success and recognise the contribution that each of our franchisees makes in bringing awareness of the Concept service to their local market place.

One such franchisee that has had more than his fair share of challenges in delivering his own Concept message is Jonathan Foy, owner of the Merseyside territory.

At the very beginning of Jon’s Concept journey he had to deal with a fraudulent claim which cost him in the region of £10,000, and to add insult to injury the claim came via a “friend”. Jon’s next two claims were to be equally problematical.

An experienced Concept franchisee would take such setbacks in their stride and know that they are rare events; in fact the problems that Jon encountered on his first claim were so unique they are the first of the kind we have seen in 15 years. Luckily these things happen once every blue moon but in Jon’s case this scenario represented his first three “jobs”. A lesser individual might have been tempted to just walk away or at the very least allow these setbacks to affect their mindset for the future.

However as every determined entrepreneur knows “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” (Colin Powell). Jon is nothing if not persistent so sleeves were rolled, contacts made, very early morning networking meetings attended and old connections re visited.

Fast forward to Jon’s impending first anniversary running his Concept business and the scene could not be more different.

He is on target despite his initial setback to achieve above and beyond the Concept first year projected financial target, just imagine if he had not had the setbacks he would have been far ahead of projections. Jon has 17 current insurance claims that he is managing… oh, and 4 house extensions!

The LEAP training (Launch Establishment Action Plan), provided on day one as part of the Concept franchise package, set out and supported the key business development methodologies that Jon should undertake to develop his Concept franchise in line with the proven business model and the rest as they say is history, and of course hard work.

Of the training and support provided by Concept HQ. Jon himself had this to say: “without the on-going help, advice and support of everyone within Concept I simply wouldn’t have been able to reach this point or even bought in to the franchise in the first place.“

Others are about to benefit from Jon’s success as he is now looking to recruit an administrative assistant to help with the day to day management of his insurance claims.

Did we mention that based on his projected work flow he is also in the process of appointing a working foreman/site manager?

Jon is the first to tell you that his journey has involved blood, sweat and tears, 16 hour days, no holidays or weekends off , but as we said at the beginning, “success is no accident”. This hard work has paid off, resulting in Jon establishing work referrals from insurance brokers, letting agents, contractor referrals, landlords and friends.

Buying a franchise such as Concept does give you a framework, a tried-and-tested model which we know will absolutely work for the right person.

Jon has a clear vision for the development of his business and is working closely with Carl Campbell (Franchisee Support Network Manager) and his neighbouring franchisees to create a regional presence to deliver the Concept service in to regional insurance brokers, letting agents and landlords.

We would wish Jon good luck but in his case it is not necessary, he just needs to keep on doing what he is doing, mixing a high level of commercialism with a proven franchise model and a strong work ethic and the success will follow.

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