Posfin Capital is a truly dynamic Commercial Finance platform that offers a broad range of financial products and opportunities. We can generate highly responsive marketing campaigns for you and offer your own landing pages to your niched financial offerings. And even if you don’t know which products to offer, don’t worry! We can help or you can clone any one of our existing pages as your own!

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Our Surrey franchisee earned over £10,000 in his first 60 days thanks to a £250k deal, £110k deal and currently has a £35mn aircraft deal pending with terms sheet provided. He has also helped a commodities business source a facility that can earn him up to £100k per year passively. “I’m excited by the Recovery Loan Scheme as it presents a viable opportunity to assist many businesses, who for many reasons may now be accepted, who would not have qualified previously. This RLS has a lot going for it.

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