Manfred Barnett, Triple Two Coffee Swindon, The Crossings Franchisee

As a nation, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day and are therefore acquiring a greater taste for coffee. At Triple Two, we only serve the highest quality speciality coffee. Every cup is consistently smooth and full of flavour. Awesome coffee naturally demands great food, and ours is made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients possible.

Triple Two Coffee

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Triple Two have been supportive since the start of the process with opening the franchise. I have a great relationship with all of the team and receive visits from the head office to my store often. The Directors of the business are commercial and fast moving, they adapt to each situation and try and assist in adding value to my sales whenever we meet. The brand, food & drink proposition are well liked in Swindon and as a company, the food menu is regularly enhanced and besides the coffee they come up with great drink innovations.

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