Mike James – Warrington

Posfin Capital is a truly dynamic Commercial Finance platform that offers a broad range of financial products and opportunities. We can generate highly responsive marketing campaigns for you and offer your own landing pages to your niched financial offerings. And even if you don’t know which products to offer, don’t worry! We can help or you can clone any one of our existing pages as your own!

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The beauty of this franchise model is it allows me to sign up customers all over the UK, not just restricted to within my territory, which is fair and genius, as I can then also earn from others in return. I leverage off the Posfin’s dynamic and highly responsive marketing styles and campaigns. Also, I came from a Call Centre background, so to make up to 100 calls per day and knowing I will have decent leads to fill my pipeline and be able to close deals that are all from inbound enquiry, who are actively seeing funds is quite remarkable. I love the energetic group and they have been so helpful with training and even one-on-one mentoring early, which has helped me accelerate my product knowledge. Being able to work from home with our new 9-month-old baby is highly rewarding.”

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