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Internet Removals addresses a huge market demand for the removal of illegal online content, now a major risk for businesses and individuals. In addressing this demand Internet Removals. has limited or no competition, and unlimited qualified leads.

Although COVID has ruined or slowed many industries, Internet Removals has been one of those unique businesses which has flourished and actually increased its regular turnover through the pandemic. We can only put it down to the fact that B2B and B2C clients may have more time and generally a lot more internet use is occurring.

From an investment perspective, in facing its biggest challenge Internet Removals is proving to be COVID proof, with no continuity issues. Our decision and investment into the creation of online workflow processes, and staff working from home, no stock type inventory, or associated transport issues, has made Internet Removals the perfect business in terms of continuity. Our main risk is reliance upon the internet if such a risk exists.

With the development of significant internal systems and marketing strategy, the business is now the market leader and highly profitable.

Now, with proof of concept, I.R is offering licenses to market the I.R. business globally, addressing and taking advantage of an untapped emerging global market.


Licensees will invest in a relatively low cost/low-risk business model, based on the current Australian model, converting qualified leads to sales. The actual service will be maintained by I.R, whilst the licensee markets and makes front-end sales.

Full training, support, and marketing plans are provided by I.R during the license period.

In offering licenses, I.R. will sell and appoint Local Licenses and Master Licenses to specifically undertake this role. The Master Licensee will:

  • Pay I.R. a premium for the rights to sell and appoint Licensees.
  • Invest a minimum amount of capital for the purpose of this process.

At the time of this announcement, I.R. has appointed exclusive licensees in the United States, Malaysia and Singapore as further proof of concept. All other international territories are available.

Master License

The Master Licensee will:

  • Market and Sell International Licenses at fair market value, ensuring the profitability of its initial investment.
  • Will receive monthly a percentage of ongoing International Licensee revenue, for the life of the license.
  • Will pay to I.R. a percentage of the sale price of each Licensee.

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