Lawn Treatments

Lovely Lawns is a lawn treatment company that specialises in lawn care. We do not cut grass or prune bushes, we are not general garden maintenance.

We use industrial-strength fertilisers and weed killers to ensure that customers’ lawns are weed-free and lush green. The chemicals we use act like steroids and vitamin tablets for your customers’ gardens.

Lovely Lawns takes inferior quality weedy lawns and transforms them into lush weed-free gardens that the neighbours will be jealous of. We treat the lawns using licensed chemical products that are not available to the public.

Lawn treatments are not seasonal like other gardening franchises.

What We Do

  • Kill Customers’ Weeds Within the Lawn with Our Special Licenced Weed Killers
  • Fertilise the Customers’ Grass with Industrial Strength Fertilisers (green Up)
  • Kill Moss Within the Lawns
  • Nourish the Lawns with Nutrients
  • Kill the Weeds in Paths and Driveways
  • Use Machinery to Improve the Quality of The Lawns

Benefits of Our Franchise

  • We Use Licenced Industrial Strength Products
  • All Products Are Safe for Children and Pets
  • Repeat Customer Base, No Need to Always Market
  • Our Gardeners Can Often Do 30-40 Customers’ Lawns per Day
  • Non-Seasonal, Work All Year Round

Rolling Ongoing Customer Base

The beauty of a Lovely Lawns weed & feed franchise is that your customer base is built on a rolling basis, so this means you build a pool of regular customers. As the business grows, the need and costs for marketing drops, so you can sit back and service your customer base. Our customers come on for 5 treatments per year, we use 10-week cycles spread out across the year.


  • Each customer gets 5 treatments per year, spread out every 10 weeks, this keeps you working all year round. Often customers stay on for years if looked after.
  • We use different chemicals at different times of the year, depending on the weather. We treat the lawns for the season we are in at the time.

Additional Treatments

  • Machine Scarification, Moss Removal: Each year we offer our customers machine scarification moss removal. These treatments can be several hundred pounds and you can do lots of customers per day. Scarifications are very popular and effective, most of your customers know what they are and their benefits.
  • Machine Hollow Tine Aeration: Each year we offer your existing customer base a machine treatment that takes plugs of soil out the lawn and lets air, light and moisture into the lawn. These treatments are very popular and often generate several hundred pounds.
  • Additional Seeding: Lots of your customers will ask you for seeding in sparse or bald areas of their lawns, we save these jobs up and book them in as rounds of seeding, you can charge an additional cost for seeding areas.

What You Get with A Lovely Lawns Franchise

  • Products and Stock
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Branded Uniform
  • Tools, Sprayers and Spreader
  • Website
  • Huge Amount of Leaflets
  • Crm Database Access
  • Safety Equipment
  • Safe Use of Pest Qualification
  • Detailed Training Manuals
  • Ongoing Support
  • Facebook Page
  • Branded Glossy Invoices
  • Dave and Louise Bunn, Lovely Lawn franchisees

    Dave and Louise Bunn, Lovely Lawn franchisees

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  • Andy Wills, Lovely Lawns Blackpool franchisee

    Andy Wills, Lovely Lawns Blackpool franchisee

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  • "“I was unhappy in my previous job. Although I did well the work was not enjoyable. I decided to make a change and buy into the Lovely Lawns brand. The training was amazing we had a scream. There is a lot of information to take in but we made it fun and w..." Read More...

    Tracey & Bryan Bassingstoke

    Tracey & Bryan Bassingstoke

  • "“Lovely Lawns have been amazing. Darry, Sarah, and Ruth were so hospitable. They have a profound sense of humor and even sent me out for a local delicacy, the TEESSIDE PARMO. The training is quite intensive; Darryl has done an excellent job mixing the da..." Read More...

    Iain Jackson (Glasgow)

    Iain Jackson (Glasgow)

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    Karl Brown (Darlington/ Bishop Auckland)

    Karl Brown (Darlington/ Bishop Auckland)

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