9 Tips to Manage a Large Network

A growth mindset is fostered through networking. Being around people invested in growing their businesses has a knock-on effect. Network Lead Exchange brings together entrepreneurs who value this type of mindset. 

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Every person in business wants to have a large network of contacts, but the truth is having so many contacts can be quite strenuous.

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It is really hard to keep up with many people, and if it’s taking too much time to keep up with the network, the truth is things are not being done correctly. That’s the bad news.

The good news is Network Lead Exchange believes large networks can be quite fruitful.

Here are nine tips to manage a large network and at the same time, make everyone on the network feel like they’re the only connection that matters.

Use Newsletters and Mass Mailer Functions

Newsletters and mass mailers are keys to keeping up engagement with lower tiers especially. However, these newsletters and mass mailers should be designed for efficient reading. They should feature success stories, testimonials, and have calls to action in them. Using mass communication is a simple way to stay in the minds of the different network connections.

Send Communications on a Consistent Schedule

The great thing about newsletters and mass communications are they build an expectation amongst the recipients. As the communication collateral is created, the wise thing to do is send them out the same time every week.

People are very easily conditioned, and sending out the messaging every week on the same day at the same time quickly builds that conditioning.

Furthermore, there’s no need to stop what’s being done if behind schedule. Auto-sending functions allow for the ease of use of sending out messages without having to alter what’s going on at work on a specific day.

Do Homework Before Events

The best part about networking events are the RSVP lists. These lists provide valuable information, allowing for homework to be done. The key is identifying about a half-dozen people at the event ideal for deepening networking connections.

These targets should be in that top tier but if there’s someone who is especially interesting, it would be wise to work them in as well. When networking, make sure to know who these people are, what they do, what’s interesting about their business. This way, when it comes time to speak with them, they’re impressed with the preparation already completed.

Ask Open Ended Questions

The smartest thing about networking is how easy it is to get people thinking there is a very deep connection. The simplest way is to ask open ended questions.

This is just like sales—the most important thing is getting the person to talk. The more someone talks, the more they feel connected to the person they are talking to. This deeper connection informs who their first phone call is when there’s a problem. It also helps with building referrals, when people feel listened to, they’re more likely to tell their friends.

Don’t Linger on Conversations

A problem many people in big networks have is getting drawn into long conversations. This is a major issue. There are major problems with long conversations. The first is a person will think they are being sold something and their walls will go up.

The next problem is the time is not being used wisely. There are several people to speak to at events and it’s important to make there is time dedicated to these people. Instead, find ways to politely exit conversations to keep circulating.

Provide Referrals as Much as Possible

Though the network may be large, it takes two seconds to provide a referral. Whether it is a neighbor who needs a certain type of solution or another business associate, referrals are gold in networks. If it’s difficult to keep in touch with everyone, sending referrals their way lets them know they are being thought of and that their professionalism is valued.

The goodwill allows for longer periods where there is not as much interaction. The currency of a network is the referral, so use them often.

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Of course, the best way to make sure a network is being managed well is using Network Lead Exchange. The chapters are flexible and the professionals in these networks are all about making sure the rising tide of business lifts every boat.

The best part about Network Lead Exchange is the simplicity of the service. Network Lead Exchange allows network members to exchange messages, send referrals, provide commission bonuses, and not have to take extensive time out of the day to do so.

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