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When our loved ones go into care, we want to be able to trust that their needs will be assessed correctly and fairly. Above anything else, it is important to us that they receive the care they need and that we feel supported in the process of getting them that care.

However, a recent interview between three health workers and the BBC has suggested that the initial assessment of patient care needs, which is carried out by external clinical commissioning groups, often disregard the opinions of medical professionals, thus manipulating the result the assessment shows.

As you likely know, the NHS fund the care for patients who have a severe primary health care need but of course the first step to receiving this is getting an assessment, which confirms the patient’s need is sufficient to receive funding. So, receiving a result that suggests the health care need is not enough could change the level of care received.

Looking into this a little further, the BBC Inside Out East, has found a colossal difference in clinical commissioning groups in how many applications they reject. The Birmingham groups rejected approximately 75% of applications made for continuing health care, whilst Tameside and Glossop rejected only 5%.

Ignoring the opinions of medical professionals could clearly have severe health risks for patients. So, what can we do to help our clients and their loved ones? Firstly, it always helps to give them advice on what to watch out for when going through this procedure, this would help them to initially guard against the wrong result being given. Secondly, if the wrong result is given, a loved one can only appeal if they have a Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare in place. Without this, no authority is held to make an appeal on behalf of the patient.

Stories such as this are sadly appearing more and more in the news, making the conversation with your clients even more important. If you are helping a client make their will, it is equally important you are giving them the information they need on both types of Lasting Power of Attorney and prepare your client fully.

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