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Posfin Capital is a truly dynamic Commercial Finance platform that offers a broad range of financial products and opportunities. We can generate highly responsive marketing campaigns for you and offer your own landing pages to your niched financial offerings. And even if you don’t know which products to offer, don’t worry! We can help or you can clone any one of our existing pages as your own!

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“Be it Recovery Loans, Retail Finance or Structured Development Finance, our diversified product range has enabled us to successfully build our platform and go from strength to strength during possibly the most difficult time in our living memory. We are set to explode with 30+ franchisees as we rapidly seek 200 broker partners, as the Recovery Loans provide an important shift back towards pre-covid style lending. No more 12-month repayment holidays are a positive step in the right direction for lender approval rates, combined with smaller entry level loans from £25,001 with no minimum turnover requirements or stringent trading history criteria. We are ready to support businesses into the transition towards Recovery post health crisis and financial meltdown

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