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Posfin Capital is a truly dynamic Commercial Finance platform that offers a broad range of financial products and opportunities. We can generate highly responsive marketing campaigns for you and offer your own landing pages to your niched financial offerings. And even if you don’t know which products to offer, don’t worry! We can help or you can clone any one of our existing pages as your own!

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“I closed a £440k bridge deal for £13,200 at 3% Gross Profit and saw £6,600 in 3 weeks from first enquiry to money paid into my account. I earned my £28,500 investment back inside 6 months which probably would have been quicker if not for the pandemic. Now I also help place the franchisees’ deals across the lender panel, and that allows them time to work more new business leads, and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s a buzz sending offers out to people. Giving them money. It’s better than taking money from them!

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