Lovely Lawns, a weed & feed franchise specialising in lawn care, are always on the lookout for ambitious franchisees to join their team. FULL training provided.

Lovely Lawns

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"Lovely Lawns have been amazing. Darry, Sarah, and Ruth were so hospitable. They have a profound sense of humor and even sent me out for a local delicacy, the TEESSIDE PARMO. The training is quite intensive; Darryl has done an excellent job mixing the days up, some classroom days mixed in with some onsite training and even working on real customer’s lawns with his gardeners and live customers. The Lovely Lawns gang are a friendly bunch of people. I would recommend this franchise to anybody — get in now before the prices go up potentially. After franchising in the past I cannot believe the deal I got with Lovely Lawns. I have purchased bulk buys of customers to ensure growth. This system guarantees successful growth."

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